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Diastasis Recti Video For Men

Diastasis Recti Video For Men

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Diastasis Rehab Say Good-Bye to Your Gut Guys ® video is for any man who has a diastasis recti (separation of the outermost abdominal muscles). If you want a more challenging abdominal workout than you've ever had, and you're willing to say goodbye to your crunches, then you can say hello to the Tupler Technique®. The Tupler Technique® will give you flat abs with a non-separated six pack, an effective support system for your back, better posture, a smaller waist and a healthier prostate. What most people don't know is that crunches create a diastasis or make it worse if you already have it. A diastasis recti causes a protruding belly, lower back pain and gastro-intestinal problems.

The video is divided into 3 parts. Part 1 is the 4 steps of the Tupler Technique®. This part of the program is done for the first six weeks. During this time it is recommended not to do any other exercise routine or sporting activity. Just walking or a modified jog. During this time it is important to allow the connective tissue to heal as you strengthen your abdominal muscles and learn how to use them correctly during activities of daily living. Part 2 is watched in week six of the program. This section gives you the instructions for incorporating the Tupler Technique® into an exercise routine. Knowing how to do this is important to maintain all the gains you have made with the program. Part 3 is an actual exercise routine showing you how to incorporate the Tupler Technique®. The Tupler Technique® Guidebook is a summary of the program and shows you how to progress the exercises over 18 weeks on a week to week basis. It is not a substitute for the video. There is a lot of information on this video, so make sure you watch each part several times. Because there is so much information on the video, it is recommended to watch it before having a personal training session with a Trainer, attending a seminar or workshop or doing the 18 Week Ongoing Online Support Program that you can use as long as you like!