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Diastasis Recti Pre-Surgical Package

Diastasis Recti Pre-Surgical Package

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This package is for any woman or man who is having abdominal surgery. Preparing for abdominal surgery is crucial for a successful outcome. A successful outcome means maintaining the integrity of your sutures. When the stitches come undone that is called an incisional hernia and requires another surgery. Your stitches are more likely to come undone after abdominal surgery because you use your abdominal muscles with every move you make and every breath you take! So if your abdominal muscles are continuously putting force on the stitched connective tissue, they will come undone. That is why it is so important to strengthen your abdominal muscles before surgery as well as develop an awareness of how to use them with activities of daily living so that after surgery you know how to use your abdominal muscles in the recovery process to keep your stitches intact. Most people have a diastasis and just don't know it! So making a diastasis smaller before abdominal surgery will also strengthen the linea alba. The linea alba is the connective tissue joining the two outermost abdominal muscles and usually where they cut to access your abdominal cavity. Strong connective tissue is easier to sew and maintains the stitches better.

Preparing six weeks before abdominal surgery with the Tupler Technique will give you the best outcome. However, preparing even as little as one week before abdominal surgery will be helpful to start doing the program right away after your surgery. Remember, doing something is ALWAYS better than doing nothing.

This package includes:

  1. Binder for Diastasis Recti (Regular & Short Torso)
  2. Preparation For Abdominal Surgery Video
  3. Diastasis Recti Tupler Technique® Guidebook
  4. 18 Week Ongoing Online Support

Many people buy the package and are not as successful as they could be if they had ongoing support. That is why this program was created. You can repeat weeks and start over as many times as you like. Since this is a program you need to do the rest of your life, I want it to be available for you as long as you need it. There are live monthly webinars with Julie to answer all your questions about preparing for abdominal surgery. These will be recorded and posted on the program site. Each week there will be a video ( or two) to watch, Tupler Tips and a blog where you can communicate with others doing the program. This is the place to share your experience and ask for support. Reaching out and getting a belly buddy to work with makes the program more fun and more effective as you always work harder when you are accountable to someone else! After you purchase this package you will get an automatic email with instructions on how to join the program. If you do not get an email, check your spam first. If it's not in your spam, then let us know and we will send you the instructions. If it is in your spam, please make us a safe sender.