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Diastasis Recti Together Tummy Book

Diastasis Recti Together Tummy Book

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My Lose Your Mummy Tummy book written in 2004 (now out of date), has been replaced by my Together Tummy book. This 8 chapter book is easy and fun reading and gives you an understanding of:

  • What a diastasis is
  • The different causes of it in women, men and children
  • How to check yourself for a diastasis
  • How to do the Tupler Technique® Program which progresses over 18 weeks. 
  • How to modify your exercise program and incorporate the Tupler Technique® into your workout so it is “diastasis safe” because exercising incorrectly can reopen or cause a diastasis 
  • How to prepare for labor by learning the Tupler Technique® pushing method.
  • How to prepare for abdominal surgery with the Tupler Technique® to maintain the integrity of the sutures after surgery
  • The role of nutrition in healing connective tissue
  • Our clients experience with the program

Once you read this book your will understand why I believe:

  • Everybelly® should be checked for a diastasis and treated with the Tupler Technique® to create a better belly, better health and a better life.
  • You can close a diastasis no matter when or how your diastasis was created.